Series TSL

Series TSL: Continuous Cycle for bridges

Nailing Machine continuous cycle for the production of thelower part of the pallet. Construction of bridges up to 4 cubes. Automation for loading the cube directly from machine size cubes.


  • Nr. 1 containers of nails at 12 drops each
  • Nr. 12 high-strength nail polishing clamps for nails 27 to 90 mm
  • Nr. 3 traction holes for the caps, adjustable by gearmotor
  • Nr. 1 automatic spreader table with width adjustment
  • Self-leveling hydraulic self-leveling hydraulic system for heights from 70 to 160 mm
  • Electric train driven by variable speed vector inverter
  • Motorized extractor of jumper assembled
  • Pneumatic clamping of the pliers
  • High efficiency hydraulic system
  • Touch-screen panel for plant management
  • Minimum space between the caps 150 mm

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